Isaac Aderogba

Changelog #3 | Building HostJupyter

December 6th, 2020

There was slower ML progress this week because I couldn't resist starting a project to make it easier to publish Jupyter notebooks. It's called HostJupyter, and I cover it some more in the capstone section below.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to:


I completed all the trigonometry quizzes for Become a Trigonometry and Precalculus Master. I would have liked to have done more maths this week, but ahh well.

Data Science

Uncovering the best star wars movie

In this project, I analysed a Star Wars survey to learn which movie is the best of the bunch. To come to a decision, I looked at:

  • The best-ranked movies from the survey.

  • The most-viewed movies from the survey.

Nothing too new with this one, though I'm happy that it marks the last of the projects which are focused on data analysis. I understand the importance, though not convinced this is something I'd want to do day-to-day.

Analysing country info using SQL

In this project, I analysed information about the countries on Earth. The main aim was just to practice some SQL, so the exploration was limited to:

  • Population and population growth

  • Average population and area

  • Densely-populated countries


I made no progress on Nia this week. I'll actually be putting Nia on hold for a month to get to MVP on HostJupyter (I've linked the website in the interest of showing progress, but nothing currently works).

Why am I building HostJupyter?

Well, I've currently been using Deepnote to publish my Jupyter notebooks. This has meant abandoning my local Jupyter setup, normal git workflow, as well as my brand presence when I share those notebooks. The MVP for HostJupyter will allow for:

  • Publishing of Jupyter notebooks

  • Categorisation of notebooks into spaces

  • Custom theming of notebooks (so I can match the style of my website).

  • Custom domain support (so I can share my published notebooks from

Because I'm aware I'm scratching my own itch, I'd also like a simple way to host my Streamlit projects with my own branding. I'll incorporate this into HostJupyter once I'm done with MVP.